Our Essential Safety Measures Consultancy services include:

  • Identification of Installed Essential Safety Measures, and maintenance requirements;
  • Essential Safety Measures Maintenance Manual formulation;
  • Advocacy services for dealings with statutory bodies (Council, Fire Brigade, etc.);
  • Inspection of Essential Safety Measures.

Building Regulations

Part 12 of the Building Regulations 2006 (the Regulations) requires the owners of buildings of a commercial nature to maintain the buildings’ Essential Safety Measures (key safety features which are part of the building).

These Essential Safety Measures include items such as the building fabric (fire resistant construction), fire services (sprinklers, hydrants, hose reels), electrical installations (fire and smoke detection and alarm systems, emergency and exit lighting, lifts, ventilation systems, etc) and egress routes and installations.

For buildings constructed after 1 July 1994, this requirement is current. For buildings constructed before 1 July 1994, the owner of the building must ensure that the Essential Safety Measures installed in the building are maintained to a working condition that allows them to fulfill their purpose, and have the first annual report prepared (if one has not already been done) by 13th June 2009. This means that a maintenance manual must be formulated, and testing commence, for buildings constructed before 1994 must commence on or before June 2008.

Building Act

The Building Act (the Act) also empowers the Building Commissioner, the Municipal Building Surveyor or the Chief Officer of the relevant Fire Brigade (M.F.E.S.B. or C.F.A.) to carry out inspections and issue on the spot fines for offences under the Act, where it is suspected that Essential Safety Measures are not being maintained in accordance with the Act or Regulations. “Non-compliance may result in an infringement notice issued by Council or the Fire Brigade up to $1000 and furthermore, non compliance may result in prosecution in which a fine may be imposed of $10,000 for an individual or $50,000 for companies for each breach of the Regulations. More importantly, non-compliance could place not only building occupants at risk but also those of passers-by and the occupants of adjoining buildings.” (Advice from the Building Commission).


The maintenance of Essential Safety Measures must be considered in the overall risk management strategy adopted by building owners. It is important to note that where incidents occur within buildings without the required maintenance having taken place, common law (negligence) and insurance implications may arise.

FireLogic is able to provide a range of consultancy and general services to assist owners meet their statutory responsibilities as outlined above.


Firelogic is able to conduct inspections of buildings and create an Essential Safety Measures Maintenance Manual and Register for the building’s Essential Safety Measures.


Firelogic is able to conduct routine testing of Fire Hydrants, Hose Reels and Extinguishers, and also inspect egress measures and fire rated structures and materials. We can also provide contact details of testers for the remaining maintenance items.

FireLogic would be pleased to provide you with a fee proposal for any of our services. If you should have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.